Monday, 18 April 2011

ektar test roll!

 see this and everything else on my 

ryuhei hotoke

Friday, 8 April 2011

my friend the sun!

im so happy the sun is out now and the weather is getting hotter :)
so i spent today taking lots of pictures on film and chilling in the sun!
i have some bad news though, i found out my zenit was never advancing film!
 and wasted a whole roll of film!, oh well i will have to sort the problem!
over all i got some great shots thanks to the sun :D
and i'll see you all soon with some new film uploaded ;)

ryuhei hotoke

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


all my new photos are up, so if you want to see the lot head on over to my Flickr :)
and i have entered the 10 prophecies competition so fingers crossed :)
ryuhei hotoke

Saturday, 26 March 2011

emma's imagination!!!

i had a great night last night, i went to see Emma's Imagination! :D it was a great performance, i really loved it (and we were right at the front as you can see). and her voice is perfect!!!!!!! all the way through the gig, her voice was exactly like it sounds on her album!! and the best part has to be the fact she took her time to see her fans. we all got a picture with her and a nice chat :)
also the suport act were great, quite similar to mumford & sons, but i cant remember the name of them :|

ive also got some film being developed in the lab :) and im quite excited because its my first crossedprocessed film and some quite creative work. it is also my entry for the lomo 10 prophices competition :P i will have them all up on tuesday.

dont forget to visit my Flickr :)

happy weekend
ryuhei hotoke

Sunday, 13 March 2011

give a helping hand to japan

more than ever japan needs support due to the reccent horrific earthquake and tsunami.

so please help by giving what you can to the relief fund to rescue more lives.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

shooting some pinhole!

so last night i decided to use up the last of my slide film in my diana, and stick with the lomo 10 prophecies theme. i have done all kins of double and long exsposures for this theme so i decided to do some pinhole shots.

so i popped off the lens, set the aputure to pinhole and set the shutter release to bulb mode :)
i also set my plastic beauty on top of a bendy tri-pod and slot on the cabel release collar, to keep the shot still.
 i also learnt alittle lighting technique from mijonju by using a normal lamp and hold the light in diffrent possitions for about 30 seconds to a minute to delete any shadows during the exsposure time.
so all that is left to do is to press the cabel release in its lock postion, and exspose for about two minutes with some new learnt lighting skills.
so now ine got to take the film to the lab to Xpro my slides and see what intresting effects we get :) i will post as soon as possible.
ryuhei hotoke

Monday, 7 March 2011

made in the USSR

when i was looking round for old things, i came across this:
its an old 1970's Zenit-E SLR :) and from i have read about this camera on the internet it was made in celebration of the olympic games in russia (as the olympic rings show on its body). so i think i will have some fun with this camera, the only problem is that i dont have any 35mm film :| because i dont use 35mm film. so as soon as i have some (i will get black and white film for a vintage feel) i will take this beauty out for some shooting, and what will make it really fun is that i also found a few diffrent len's for this camera ;).
i really cant wait to use this camera :D im sure i will get some really vintage looking shots, even when you look through the sight it looks really retro and you can tell its from a diffrent area. yet another tool to expand my creative work :)

check back soon for when i upload my lomo 10 Prophecies entries :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

street photography continued! and new toys!

the last of the latest photos are here! and the fill in the rest of the stret photography set. of course as always there are more pictures on my Flickr photostream. so here are three of the pictures from todays uploads.
on the edge

duck out of water

i dont really think these are my strongist pictures, but i still like them, you can always go over to my Flickr or look at my past blog post's to see more of my pictures.

and on another note, i recived a new camera today from ebay ;) 
i managed to win a bid on a disposable camera, an old "le box" by agfa that expired in 2004!
 so i am quite excited to take out this old expired camera for a spin and the get the film cross-processed for some real quirky colour shift? :)

i have also made my own pinhole camera :O out of a matchbox,
but i think its best to write about that when i have the prints back from the lab.
here what it look likes:
so until the next post (maybe tomorrow?) bye :)
ryuhei hotoke

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Three's a Crowd.

Good evening, everyone! I know it's a little late, but I've only just got in from a family meal.
Today, I'm gonna spoil you all with three more of my photographs! Make sure you cheak out the rest of the collection on my Flickr photostream - you're missing out otherwise!

Beauty of the Beast

Sometimes in the town centre, you discover unusual grafiti like this, and you just have to take a picture :)
A Day at the Funfair
 With a long exposure, I made a calm ferrice wheel look like an extreme death ride~

Thanks to everyone who reads my blogs, and make sure you comment and visit my Flickrrrr.
Make sure you visit tomorrow, when there will definiatly be more pictures for you. 


Monday, 28 February 2011

new pictures. genral street photograpghy and extra bits

so ive got my pictures back from the lab and here are the results:
silent sign     
riding no where
scale my clolour tubes
abandoned barriers
 most of todays uploads are from a trip to town (liverpool) to take some street photography, but there are also some other bits in todays uploads, such as more nam june paik's laser cone photos.
i was abit unhappy with my origional photos from nam june paik's laser cone, so i went and took more ;) and i have got to say, i am alot happier with the results :) so if you want to see the whole collection in full quality go to my flickr!
theres more than there is here and dont forget to see whats here tomorrow.
heres a sneak peak:
sneak peak
 its time for me to go make a camera out of a matchbox :)
so i will be back tomorrow to upload more photos :)


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just to try expand my little photoworld :)

remember to check back later for the next load of film uploads! :)

Friday, 25 February 2011

New Photos on Monday!!!!

i get my prints from the photolab on monday!!!!! and this time there going to scan them for me, instead of me doing it myself (because my scanner isnt very good). i will upload to flickr, but over three days (monday, tuesday and wednesday), one roll of 120mm 400iso lomography colour negitive film for each day just to spread it out alittle instead of all at once and i will also give a little sneakpeak on whats to come the next day ;). all my photos will be from my plastic fantastic diana! yes so you can expect more lo-fi dreamyness through a plastic optic like these :)

 so yeah, keep coming back to see whats coming up! and dont forget to visit my flickr (and btw all my pictures on My flickr are not watermarked because they are all copyright protected, but here they are not :\ so ive warter marked photos for the blog.

and on a completly diffrent note:
yummy and organic :) so if you want to make some your self its 1 cup of rice milk, two teaspoons of sugar, and one of cocoa powder, heat the rice milk, and pour all into a mug and mix, hmmmmmmmmmmm heavenly chocolatly :)

and i know what your thinking, its more like a cooking show than a photography blog!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

FIRST POST - Vegan Pancakes (yum)

Wow, so this is my first ever blog post, and i really do mean my first ever blog post.
So to start this off maybe i should introduce myself??
 i am a musican/photographer/lomographer that lives in liverpool in the U.K.
so today, me and my girlfriend (Chloe) decide to get some practice in for pancake day :D
and being vegan, we have to make modifications to the pancake recipe. heres what we put in

first things first, add all the dry ingrediants to the bowl (the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder)
 Then, add the wet ingredients into the dry mixture, and thoroughly mix until it has a smooth texture.
Once the mixture is well blended, with no solid clumps, heat the frying pan, to a medium setting.
Pour about a quater of the mix into the frying pan, and with the spoon, help make into a circular shape.
Then, when bubbles form on the top of the pancake, it means its ready to flip.
So with a spatula, slide underneath, and flip so it cooks on the otherside. (or if you're feeling like a professional, you can leave the spatula alone, and try flipping like your Jamie Oliver or something!)
Cook for at least a minute, because you don't want the mixture being gooey in the middle (like Chloe does it!)
Chloe felt extra special, and decided to create a chocolate pancake.
She did this by adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder into the mixture. It looks all nice on the picture here, but was quite sickly, so I wouldn't advise it!

You can finish off your mixture by creativly adding syrup, sugar or lemon juice to the top of your pancakes! 
We used fruit syrup for some extra flavour ;)

And that's how you make some delicious vegan pancakes!

and on the subject of todays activitys, i went to see the Nam June Paik exhibition at tate liverpool. unknowingly you had to buy tickets :/  but at least i got to see campbell's soup by andy warhol.

visit my Flickr page!
ill be posting here about my Flickr activity and my photography to keep anybody intrested in my work up to date.
and i will be back on monday when i have my developed photo's back from the photo lab :)
until then, bye :)

ryuhei hotoke