Monday, 7 March 2011

made in the USSR

when i was looking round for old things, i came across this:
its an old 1970's Zenit-E SLR :) and from i have read about this camera on the internet it was made in celebration of the olympic games in russia (as the olympic rings show on its body). so i think i will have some fun with this camera, the only problem is that i dont have any 35mm film :| because i dont use 35mm film. so as soon as i have some (i will get black and white film for a vintage feel) i will take this beauty out for some shooting, and what will make it really fun is that i also found a few diffrent len's for this camera ;).
i really cant wait to use this camera :D im sure i will get some really vintage looking shots, even when you look through the sight it looks really retro and you can tell its from a diffrent area. yet another tool to expand my creative work :)

check back soon for when i upload my lomo 10 Prophecies entries :)

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