Saturday, 26 March 2011

emma's imagination!!!

i had a great night last night, i went to see Emma's Imagination! :D it was a great performance, i really loved it (and we were right at the front as you can see). and her voice is perfect!!!!!!! all the way through the gig, her voice was exactly like it sounds on her album!! and the best part has to be the fact she took her time to see her fans. we all got a picture with her and a nice chat :)
also the suport act were great, quite similar to mumford & sons, but i cant remember the name of them :|

ive also got some film being developed in the lab :) and im quite excited because its my first crossedprocessed film and some quite creative work. it is also my entry for the lomo 10 prophices competition :P i will have them all up on tuesday.

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happy weekend
ryuhei hotoke

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