Wednesday, 2 March 2011

street photography continued! and new toys!

the last of the latest photos are here! and the fill in the rest of the stret photography set. of course as always there are more pictures on my Flickr photostream. so here are three of the pictures from todays uploads.
on the edge

duck out of water

i dont really think these are my strongist pictures, but i still like them, you can always go over to my Flickr or look at my past blog post's to see more of my pictures.

and on another note, i recived a new camera today from ebay ;) 
i managed to win a bid on a disposable camera, an old "le box" by agfa that expired in 2004!
 so i am quite excited to take out this old expired camera for a spin and the get the film cross-processed for some real quirky colour shift? :)

i have also made my own pinhole camera :O out of a matchbox,
but i think its best to write about that when i have the prints back from the lab.
here what it look likes:
so until the next post (maybe tomorrow?) bye :)
ryuhei hotoke

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