Thursday, 24 February 2011

FIRST POST - Vegan Pancakes (yum)

Wow, so this is my first ever blog post, and i really do mean my first ever blog post.
So to start this off maybe i should introduce myself??
 i am a musican/photographer/lomographer that lives in liverpool in the U.K.
so today, me and my girlfriend (Chloe) decide to get some practice in for pancake day :D
and being vegan, we have to make modifications to the pancake recipe. heres what we put in

first things first, add all the dry ingrediants to the bowl (the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder)
 Then, add the wet ingredients into the dry mixture, and thoroughly mix until it has a smooth texture.
Once the mixture is well blended, with no solid clumps, heat the frying pan, to a medium setting.
Pour about a quater of the mix into the frying pan, and with the spoon, help make into a circular shape.
Then, when bubbles form on the top of the pancake, it means its ready to flip.
So with a spatula, slide underneath, and flip so it cooks on the otherside. (or if you're feeling like a professional, you can leave the spatula alone, and try flipping like your Jamie Oliver or something!)
Cook for at least a minute, because you don't want the mixture being gooey in the middle (like Chloe does it!)
Chloe felt extra special, and decided to create a chocolate pancake.
She did this by adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder into the mixture. It looks all nice on the picture here, but was quite sickly, so I wouldn't advise it!

You can finish off your mixture by creativly adding syrup, sugar or lemon juice to the top of your pancakes! 
We used fruit syrup for some extra flavour ;)

And that's how you make some delicious vegan pancakes!

and on the subject of todays activitys, i went to see the Nam June Paik exhibition at tate liverpool. unknowingly you had to buy tickets :/  but at least i got to see campbell's soup by andy warhol.

visit my Flickr page!
ill be posting here about my Flickr activity and my photography to keep anybody intrested in my work up to date.
and i will be back on monday when i have my developed photo's back from the photo lab :)
until then, bye :)

ryuhei hotoke

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  1. Oh!!! The pancakes seem really YUM!!! :) haha I wanna try it~!!! hahaha
    Oh! And!! Ben, you're really nice peson!



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