Friday, 25 February 2011

New Photos on Monday!!!!

i get my prints from the photolab on monday!!!!! and this time there going to scan them for me, instead of me doing it myself (because my scanner isnt very good). i will upload to flickr, but over three days (monday, tuesday and wednesday), one roll of 120mm 400iso lomography colour negitive film for each day just to spread it out alittle instead of all at once and i will also give a little sneakpeak on whats to come the next day ;). all my photos will be from my plastic fantastic diana! yes so you can expect more lo-fi dreamyness through a plastic optic like these :)

 so yeah, keep coming back to see whats coming up! and dont forget to visit my flickr (and btw all my pictures on My flickr are not watermarked because they are all copyright protected, but here they are not :\ so ive warter marked photos for the blog.

and on a completly diffrent note:
yummy and organic :) so if you want to make some your self its 1 cup of rice milk, two teaspoons of sugar, and one of cocoa powder, heat the rice milk, and pour all into a mug and mix, hmmmmmmmmmmm heavenly chocolatly :)

and i know what your thinking, its more like a cooking show than a photography blog!

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