Monday, 28 February 2011

new pictures. genral street photograpghy and extra bits

so ive got my pictures back from the lab and here are the results:
silent sign     
riding no where
scale my clolour tubes
abandoned barriers
 most of todays uploads are from a trip to town (liverpool) to take some street photography, but there are also some other bits in todays uploads, such as more nam june paik's laser cone photos.
i was abit unhappy with my origional photos from nam june paik's laser cone, so i went and took more ;) and i have got to say, i am alot happier with the results :) so if you want to see the whole collection in full quality go to my flickr!
theres more than there is here and dont forget to see whats here tomorrow.
heres a sneak peak:
sneak peak
 its time for me to go make a camera out of a matchbox :)
so i will be back tomorrow to upload more photos :)


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